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Via Repubblica Argentina n° 24/32, 25124 Brescia (BS) | Tel. +39 030 22.62.72 | info@deltaelettronica.com

Delta Elettronica was founded in 1981 in Brescia, north of Italy, as a distributor in semiconductors and electronic components.

Many years of experience and the ongoing commitment to re-enforce strong relationships with both our clients and suppliers allows us today to be a valued contact in the electronic industry. We offer the most complete range of products, from active, passive, electromechanical to memory and instrumentations for different industries such as:


Delta Elettronica specializes in the distribution of electronic components: we serve clients ranging from end users to manufacturers and global distributors. From off the shelf standard electronic products to full custom solutions we give to our customers a one-stop-shopping experience.
Our global suppliers consist of semiconductor, passive and electromechanical manufacturers, authorized distributors and qualified independent distributors.
In the last years our company optimized the service’s quality thanks to worldwide collaborations that give us the oppurtunity to retrieve allocated, end of life (EOL), long lead-time, obsolete and hard-to-find electronic components.

Testing support

  • Up-screen electronic components from Commercial Grade to Industrial/Military specifications with a capability of performing full datasheet testing
  • All Tiers of Electrical/Functional testing on IC'salong with Fault detection and a complete suite of Failure analysis
  • Solderability Testing
  • Comprehensive Visual And Microscopic Inspection Process
  • Marking permanency including Acetone, Scrape & Heated Solvent test
  • X-RAY Radiography
  • Chemical De-Capsulation & proprietary Mechanical Decapsulation for DIE Verification
  • XRF Analysis

Excess stock

We offer excess inventory management services.
Please fill out the below excel file for the components you would like to remove from your database and send it to to the email address info@deltaelettronica.com .
Our team would then market the product worldwide through a network of customers and Internet based sites.

Download the form - excess stock


For additional information: DELTA ELETTRONICA - Via Repubblica Argentina n° 24/32, 25124 Brescia (BS) ITALY

Phone (4 lines): +39 030 22.62.72
Fax: +39 030 22.23.72
E-mail: info@deltaelettronica.com

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